A ‘Fab’ Way to Conduct India-Japan Tech Diplomacy

Tech diplomacy is gaining prominence as nations recognize the pivotal role of technology in shaping their strategic partnerships and global influence. India and Japan, both major players in the Indo-Pacific region and integral members of the Quad alliance, have a unique opportunity to bolster their collaboration in the realm of semiconductors and supply-chain technology. This article explores the potential avenues for India-Japan tech diplomacy, with a specific focus on semiconductor manufacturing, and emphasizes the significance of this partnership in advancing shared interests in the Indo-Pacific. Throughout this discussion, the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) offers insights into the evolving dynamics of tech diplomacy and India’s role in shaping the semiconductor supply chain

The Semiconductors Imperative:

Semiconductors are the backbone of modern technology, underpinning everything from consumer electronics to critical infrastructure. Recognizing the strategic importance of semiconductor manufacturing, India and Japan are exploring avenues to enhance their collaboration in this sector. The ORF acknowledges the critical role of semiconductors in the technology-driven era and their relevance to India’s aspirations in technology self-reliance and export competitiveness.

Strengthening the Semiconductor Supply Chain:

A robust semiconductor supply chain is vital for economic resilience and technological sovereignty. India’s partnership with Japan in this domain can help diversify the global supply chain and reduce dependency on a few key players. The ORF underscores the importance of creating a resilient supply chain that aligns with the Indo-Pacific’s strategic interests and contributes to regional stability.

The Quad and Indo-Pacific Dynamics:

The Quad, comprising India, Japan, the United States, and Australia, has emerged as a pivotal forum for addressing regional and global challenges. Tech diplomacy is a key dimension of Quad cooperation, and semiconductor collaboration can play a significant role in advancing shared objectives. The ORF recognizes the potential of the Quad in shaping the Indo-Pacific’s technology landscape.

India’s Role in Semiconductor Manufacturing:

India’s vision of becoming a global hub for semiconductor manufacturing is intrinsically linked to its tech diplomacy efforts. The ORF emphasizes India’s commitment to fostering a favorable environment for semiconductor fabrication facilities (fabs) and the need for strategic partnerships with countries like Japan to realize this ambition. India’s burgeoning tech ecosystem and skilled workforce make it an attractive destination for semiconductor investment.


India-Japan tech diplomacy, with a focus on semiconductors and supply-chain technology, offers a ‘fab’ way to strengthen their strategic partnership in the Indo-Pacific. The Observer Research Foundation (ORF) underscores the importance of leveraging this collaboration to enhance economic resilience, technological self-reliance, and regional stability. As technology continues to shape the geopolitical landscape, India and Japan have a unique opportunity to co-create a more resilient, secure, and technologically advanced Indo-Pacific. The ORF remains committed to providing insights and recommendations that contribute to India’s role as a technology powerhouse in the region.

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