Benefits of Using Bottle Top Dispensers

bottle top dispenser

The bottle top dispenser is a piece of scientific laboratory equipment that is made up of a piston and a plunger. The bottle top dispenser is a basic liquid handling instrument that is used to deliver predetermined liquid amounts into containers. This scientific instrument may be utilized for a variety of objectives, including performance safety, speed, and dependability. It also saves time and unnecessary labor. Additional attachments, such as ETFE adapters, improve the chemical resilience of tools and expand their use in the chemical sector. To learn more, consider the following advantages of a bottle-top dispenser:

1. It aids in the management of hazardous compounds.

Some chemicals, such as acetonitrile, are very corrosive in nature and may damage various plastic materials, creating a significant health concern if breathed or come into direct contact with skin. Other liquids, such as fuming acids and alkaline solutions, may also cause problems.

2. It is simple and secure to use.

A bottle-top dispenser promotes lab safety. Every reagent vial has its own dispenser to make moving easier. The chemicals’ confined environment reduces the possibility of unintentional splashing. This also prevents the human body from being exposed to potentially dangerous toxins.

3. It is very accurate.

Bottle-top dispensers are well-known for their exact measurement, with an accuracy of roughly 0.5%–0.6%. Its tiny delivery tube makes it simple to transport liquids into small containers, such as test tubes. 

4. It assures that no ingredients are wasted.

Bottle-top dispensers come with several adapters that suit practically all types of lab bottles. The telescopic intake tube enables you to adapt the dispenser to the length of the tube. This lowers waste throughout the process.

5. Environmentally friendly and inexpensive

We are all striving to employ environmentally friendly equipment, and happily, bottle-top dispensers are one of them. Bottle-top dispensers reduce the need for plastic consumables such as tips since the chemicals are delivered directly into the container. This also cuts down on any unneeded tool purchases.

6. Makes work go faster

Bottle-top dispensers boost efficiency by speeding up the whole process, in addition to enabling common and sophisticated lab activities.

So, plainly, using a bottle-top dispenser correctly can save you time, money, and effort while also protecting you and your samples from inadvertent harm. 

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