Title:    Biggest Mistakes Made When Drawing Anime Eyes

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Are you interested in creating your own anime characters but struggling with getting the eyes to look just right? People often feel intimidated by drawing these classic cartoon eyes and make some common mistakes as result.

 Anime is an art form originating in Japan that has become a global phenomenon. Anime eyes have a specific style that’s easily recognizable, but they can be difficult to draw even for the most experienced animators. It requires attention to detail and knowing where the light source should hit the character.

 Making mistakes when Anime Eyes Drawing is not something only beginners do; even experienced animators struggle with this important feature of an animated character. In this article, we’ll outline some of the biggest mistakes people make when drawing anime eyes so that you can avoid them and create flawless animations.

Animators struggle to draw Anime eyes correctly since it requires a lot of attention to detail for the body language and facial expressions. Thus, avoiding mistakes when drawing anime eyes is essential for anyone who wants to create realistic-looking characters in an anime style. This blog post will focus on discussing some of the common mistakes made when drawing Anime eyes and how to avoid them.

 Table of Content

  • Not Paying Attention to the Facial Expressions
  • Not Differentiating Between Male/Female Characters
  • Poor Proportion 
  • Ignoring the Outer Eye Line
  • Too Much Detailing

 1. Not Paying Attention to the Facial Expressions

 Anime eyes are used to convey emotion and give life to each character’s personality. If you’re not paying attention when drawing anime eyes, the resulting facial expression won’t be as expressive or convincing as it could be. Ensure you pay close attention to how your character feels in that scene and how their proposed emotions should play out in their eye shapes and movement.

 2. Not Differentiating Between Male/Female Characters

 Another mistake animators often make when creating Anime characters is not differentiating between male anime eyes versus female anime eyes. Male characters typically have more defined brows and generally thicker eyelashes, while female characters tend to have more detailed pupils and more simplistic brows and lashes. When in doubt, remember that males are often portrayed with tougher-looking features while females are depicted with softer ones.

 3. Poor Proportion 

 Poor proportion is another common issue when it comes to drawing anime eyes. Animating isn’t just about getting creative; it also requires accurate proportions of facial measurements such as eyeball size, pupil size, eyebrow arch, etc., for everything to look realistic enough for storytelling purposes. Proper practice can help with improving your proportion skills over time – allowing for better accuracy when drawing anime eyes in the future!

 4. Ignoring the Outer Eye Line

 As animators, we tend to forget that our story characters need complete anatomical structures like real people do, including an outer eye line which gives extra texture as well as creates small movement inside the eye shape depending on what kind of emotion is being portrayed by that particular character at any given moment – whether its shock or happiness or anything else within those realms of emotionality  

5. Too Much Detailing

 Sometimes beginners can fall into a trap wherein they obsess over coaxing each detail into perfect clarity but still fall short because they didn’t pay attention overall shape or placement of points – those details forgotten would be significant features that determine how realistic or not someone perceives a cartoon animation (of a certain software). Keep the detail relatively minimal apart from where it absolutely matters – too much fine tuning can prove counter-productive!


When drawing Anime eyes, animators need to be aware of common mistakes such as not paying attention to facial expressions, not differentiating between male and female characters, poor proportion, ignoring the outer eye line, and having too much detailing. Attention to detail is essential for creating realistic-looking characters in the anime style.


What is the correct way to draw anime eyes?

The correct way to draw anime eyes is to use a curved brush with a medium pressure for the base of the eye and then create the defining features with a smaller brush, such as eyelashes. You should also ensure that you keep the eyes in symmetry and balance, pay attention to detailing and vary the line widths.

How can beginners practice drawing anime eyes?

Beginners may practice drawing anime eyes by studying pictures of characters from anime, manga or comic books. They can also purchase instructional materials such as tutorials and graphic novels that contain step-by-step instructions on

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