How Can You Get Foamex Boards To Work For You?

Many businesses over the last few years have abandoned traditional print ads to pursue different digital avenues like social media and pay-per-click campaigns. In recent years some companies have begun returning to the print advertising market, mixing digital and analogue ways to promote their brand and attracting new customers.

There are numerous techniques and bollard covers that marketers can employ once they have gone back to the traditional methods of marketing; however some of them that are the most efficient and well-known is Foamex.

Foamex Boards?

Foamex board printing is a fantastic material for displaying ads and other prints. It’s a flexible PVC foam sheet that is flexible for fabrication. Its high-end quality and adaptable nature makes it the preferred choice for a variety of brands whenever they have to develop and launch new campaigns.

Foamex is a versatile material, renowned for its ease of use in a multitude of applications. Whether it’s bending, cutting, drilling, or gluing, the process is swift and straightforward. Its smooth surface is also an ideal canvas for printing, making it a popular choice for advertisements and graphic designs. Similar to Foamex, correx boards are another durable option often chosen for signage, adding to the range of materials available for such purposes. Both offer durability and flexibility, ensuring the best results for various projects.

Foamex’s Wide Range of Uses

Foamex is a great material to fulfil any need. For instance, it could be used to create banners, signs and exhibition panels in a cost-effective, economical, efficient, and appealing method. It is composed of a fine-grained cell structure, making it an ideal option for digital printers.

It’s also available in a wide range of colours and specifications, so you can find a Foamex board for every use and size of advertisement in the world.

There’s no better material that allows you to create attractive signage and superior displays than Foamex. The material’s nature gives a sense of trust and elegance to all your designs, which makes appearance more expensive than they actually are.

Benefits Of Using Foamex

The superiority of Foamex is in the process of manufacturing used to make it. It has a smooth surface that can easily be manipulated to be fabricated, cut, or moulded to any shape that is needed to meet your needs.

The most common method of making use of Foamex is cutting it into a compact square and centering your image, framing it using the material, and then hanging it up on the wall next to the description of your service or product.

Foamex is among the most requested materials for graphic designers since it’s inexpensive and easier to work with and hang than alternatives such as wood, MDF, or aluminium. Additionally, Foamex is extremely durable, it’s guaranteed to endure the entire time of your advertising campaign, and it can be put away or destroyed quickly and in a safe way if you prefer.

Flexibility of Display

Foamex is extremely simple to hang or put on walls thanks to its sturdy, solid design and construction. It is easily hung with self-tapping screws or double-sided Velcro or double-sided adhesive pads. Once it is hung, Foamex will stay put due to its light weight and will provide the best dimensional stability that is reusable depending on your preference.

As well as being easy to display and enjoy, Foamex is capable of being hung outdoors because the material is water resistant and resistant to most kinds of weather conditions, including storms. Foamex is not able to absorb water and is guaranteed against UV-induced fade for seven years outdoors and 10 years indoors.

If you’re in need of a material that is able to cleanly and efficiently display designs of every kind there is no better option than Foamex. The material has gained immense recognition due to its stylish design, weather-proof characteristics, and it’s easy-to-hang method.

Have You Experiencing Foamex Already?

Foamex is the best and affordable printing material. Learn more about how it helps in printing signs and graphics quickly and easy in this blog.

How Do You Define Foamex?

Perhaps you’ve heard of Foamex which is the foam-based composite material or perhaps you haven’t. It is likely that you have seen it in the past whether you were aware of it or not.

Foamex is a light PVC sheet material that is commonly utilised for display and signage. It’s simple to cut into shapes, print on and shape which makes it extremely useful in the creation of printed images.

It’s also a surprisingly economical product and is suitable for printing single-use projects, as well as more permanent designs. The cost of Foamex is a reasonable product that is suitable for smaller budgets and larger projects.

Foamex Is The Fast Simple And Cost-Effective Way To Create Signs And Graphics

While it’s light-weight in appearance, Foamex is rigid, strong and durable. When properly secured, advertising and signage made out of Foamex can withstand the elements. Since it’s a polymer-based product, Foamex panels have the potential to last for a long time.

The benefit of choosing hoarding panel as opposed to other low-cost plastics is the high top-quality finish it offers.

While a banner made of vinyl, for instance, could appear like it’s been used for a while, the strength and the smoothness of Foamex panels ensure that your signs and graphics are firmly set against their backdrops for an elegant appearance.

The Design You Created, Replicated Exactly

Printing on Foamex is simple and quick and can be done with a flatbed printer that is large. It makes implementing your ideas simple – just need to send us your idea (or we can design an original one) and we’ll send it to print!

There’s no need to mess around with different hoardings, and your designs can be produced accurately within a matter of hours. If you have a deadline that is tight this is the ideal option.

If your idea is meant for temporary structures like an exhibit stand, for instance, Foamex is easily stored and moved. This makes it an ideal product to reuse on various occasions. It can also be an investment that will last for the long term in the marketing materials you print.

It can be mounted on floors, walls ceilings, doors and walls; there’s no limit on the locations Foamex can be put in and that’s the reason it’s so effective.

Do you believe you have an idea that can be completed quickly and efficiently by using site hoarding panels? Contact us! We’ll be delighted to provide you with truthful suggestions on the most suitable material for the task.

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