How to Draw A Dress Design Easily

Draw A Dress Design

How to Draw A Dress Design. Regarding different clothing styles, dresses have to be among the most versatile. They can come in many additional types and designs, and there is a dress that fits every type of occasion.

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Some are designed for grand and luxurious occasions, and some are better suited for a breezy pool party.

One something is for sure; there are numerous dresses to admire! Learning to draw a dress is a great way to start designing your beautiful dresses.

This tutorial is perfect for anyone who’s ever wondered what it’s like to be a stylist.

How to Draw A Dress Design

Step 1

While working on this dress drawing guide, we will draw the dress on a faceless mannequin.

With that in mind, let’s start by drawing the head of this mannequin. You can do this by drawing the shape of the head and then adding a neck underneath.

Once the mannequin head is ready, let’s start drawing the dress.

First, use curved lines for the necklace around the neck and pull the straps down from the shoulders.

Finally, use some more rounded lines to create the bust area of the dress, and then we can move on to step 2 of the pattern.

Step 2

Let’s draw the arms and waist to continue this dress design. First, use lots of curved lines for the thick sleeves of the dress.

The mannequin’s arms will extend from the center of these ruffled sleeves. We will also add elegant sleeves on the arms that reach the elbows.

Finally, we will use inwardly curved lines for the narrow waist of the dress, and then there will be some squiggly line detail running down the middle.

Step 3

In this third step of our dress drawing guide, you will add the next section of the dress.

This next part extends from the sides of the waist and is made up of many different sections.

As shown in the reference image, you can use longer curved lines to create these different sections that connect.

This section creates a really elegant look, and we will continue to develop the design in the next step!

Step 4

It’s almost time to add some final touches to your dress design, but first, we’ll finalize the design. More precisely, we outline the skirt of the dress.

Use some curved lines for the sides of the dress, and then add a little wavy line at the base.

The reference image will help you draw as it should slide outward easily. “It’s going to look pretty bare for now, but we’ll be adding more detail to this area in the next step of the guide!”

Step 5

In this fifth step of our dress drawing guide, you’ll add minor details and finishing elements to finish the last step!

First, we draw curved lines parallel to the lines down the waist’s center.

Then you can draw some lines near the ends of the section going down from the hips to create a hemline for that section.

Finally, we drew some lines at the bottom of the dress. This will help add more texture and flow to the material.

Before proceeding, you can add some of your unique elements and details or even design some cool accessories to go with it!

Drawing a background would also be nice to show what type of dress you think it goes with.

Step 6

We’re going to finish off this dress design by finishing it off with some awesome colors!

Color plays a big part in clothing and fashion in general, so this is a step where you should feel free to improvise with your choices if you like.

In our reference image, we have shown you just one of the ways you can finish this image.

We used different shades of beautiful pink for most of the dress and used some gold for the smaller details and highlights to add some distinction.

However, as mentioned, you can add other colors you love or choose a unique color combination!

Your Dress Design Drawing is Finished!

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