How to Select the Perfect Wash Basin Design for an Opulent Look

The bathroom is among most homeowners’ most relaxing parts of the home. Hence, they give equal attention to its theme and decor, like any other home. However, the bathroom wash basin is one crucial thing that needs more attention or is often ignored.

It is an essential element, as it is durable and functional and adds aesthetic value to the space.

Selecting the right bathroom basin design is tricky and requires a lot of searching, browsing, and shortlisting. Here are some basics about selecting wash basin designs that could elevate your bathroom design and make it a class apart. 

Bathroom Wash Basin Design Ideas

You can bring a luxurious appeal to your home by installing a designer wash basin design and creating an elegant appeal and great impression on your guests. These modern wash basin designs for bathrooms are available in materials like stainless steel, wood, marble etc.

Moreover, you can choose numerous sizes and styles based on your bathroom size. Nowadays,  modern bathroom basin designs come with storage solutions. These are excellent ideas for small bathroom wash basins. They help to create minimally aesthetic bathrooms by including suitable lighting and luxury fittings.

Kohler offers a huge range of bathroom accessories in Nepal, including wash basins to add an opulent look to the space. Kohler’s wash basin price in Nepal is affordable while offering quality bathroom accessories.

Types of wash basins in India

Here are popular wash basin designs that can be a perfect addition to your home.

Wash basin tabletop design or Countertop washbasin design

Countertop designs or tabletop wash basins are also called drop-in or self-rimming basins.

These are aesthetically beautiful and durable. It is a common choice for all bathrooms since they are easy to install.

They are a popular choice among spas, resorts and hotels. You can opt for natural materials like marble or quartz to create a sophisticated look when planning a wash basin counter design for your home.

Pedestal Washbasin

Such washbasins are installed on a stand. The basin design for the bathroom comes as a detachable pedestal and a basin or a single unit. They are perfect for modern bathrooms and provide a designer look.

Pedestal wash basins are often utilized in small spaces, especially in the guest bathroom.

They create an illusion of space since these are sleek washroom basin designs. Such wash basin designs are often utilized in homes. You can also employ freestanding wash basin designs in a hall with minimalist and simple decor.

Wall Mount Wash Basin

These basins are fixed on the wall with the help of screws. The weight of the wall mount must be kept in mind while buying wall mount wash basins. It is advised not to choose heavy options as these are affixed with screws and may be less durable. Wall-mounted washbasins are easy to clean and a space saver. This bathroom basin design is more affordable than pedestal wash basins and, therefore, much preferred.

Under-counter wash basin

These are luxury modern wash basin designs that are easy to clean and trendy. It does not have rims that store germs and debris. You may find such kinds of wash basins in airports and shopping malls. An under-counter wash basin is a small wash basin design with adequate space to keep accessories such as plants and handwashes looking simultaneously convenient and graceful.

Above-counter wash basin

An above-counter wash basin design is a popular choice for ultra-modern bathrooms for the home. Such wash basins with cabinets create a focal point and rise above the console, adding luxury and elegance to the space.

The  countertop height is less but convenient enough to allow access to people of all heights. A lavish above-counter wash basin counter design accommodates all necessary bathroom accessories to create a great impression on your guest.

Bonus Tips for Selecting the Wash Basin

  • Choose your wash basin shape depending on your bathroom interior, accordingly. Some of the standard shapes for modern wash basin designs available in the market include

octagonal, conical, semi-circular, oval, rectangular, round, square, octagonal, and triangular.

  • For classic or newly designed bathrooms, you can add contemporary and classic wash basins in any modern bathroom.
  • The choice of modern wash basin designs should be based on one’s taste and available size in the bathroom.
  • It is essential to emphasize the plumbing configuration before you select the wash basin type, as this will determine the placement of the basin.

Lastly, the above wash basin designs are the most popular ones. Kohler Nepal offers a host of wash basin designs that combine style with functionality to make your bathroom stand out and look opulent.

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