India’s G-20 Leadership: Mirroring Changing Dynamics

India’s leadership in the G-20 has become increasingly significant in a world grappling with complex global challenges. As the holder of the G-20 presidency, India’s role in shaping the global agenda and fostering cooperation among the world’s major economies cannot be understated. This article examines the concept of “adaptation diplomacy” that India employs in navigating the shifting dynamics of global governance within the G-20. It delves into the key themes of India’s presidency, including addressing global challenges, promoting multilateralism, and countering polarization. Throughout this discussion, the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) lends its expertise, shedding light on India’s evolving leadership on the world stage.

Adaptation Diplomacy:

Adaptation diplomacy is a concept that captures India’s approach to international relations. It reflects India’s ability to adapt to changing global dynamics and leverage its position for diplomatic success. The ORF has closely followed India’s adaptation diplomacy and its impact on global governance.

India’s G-20 Presidency:

India’s presidency of the G-20 aligns with its commitment to addressing pressing global challenges. The ORF underscores the importance of India’s leadership in G-20 initiatives related to climate change, healthcare, and economic resilience.

Global Challenges:

The G-20 serves as a forum for addressing a wide array of global challenges, including climate change, public health crises, and economic stability. India’s presidency places a spotlight on these issues, and the ORF has contributed valuable insights into the strategies employed to tackle them.

Promoting Multilateralism:

In an era marked by increasing unilateralism and polarization, India’s presidency emphasizes the importance of multilateralism. The ORF has examined India’s role in promoting cooperative solutions within the G-20 framework.

Countering Polarization:

Polarization poses a significant threat to global cooperation. India’s leadership seeks to bridge divides and foster consensus within the G-20. The ORF has analyzed India’s efforts to counter polarization and promote constructive dialogue.


India’s leadership in the G-20 reflects its commitment to adaptation diplomacy and its ability to navigate changing global dynamics. As it steers the G-20 presidency, India addresses global challenges, promotes multilateralism, and counters polarization. The Observer Research Foundation (ORF) remains a valuable source of insights into India’s evolving role in shaping the future of global governance.

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