Say Bye-Bye To Procrastination: Tips For International Students 

A procrastinator in the rush to get temporary relief by avoiding important tasks throws himself into long-term anxiety and regret. The problem of procrastination is quite common among international students it not only troubles their lifestyles but also throws them into regrets and anxiety. When a task is important but seems stressful or a threat to your mind then, in the rush to avoid it, you often turn to other less important or unimportant tasks which places you in the procrastination cycle. Finding yourself in the cycle of procrastination will cause you to regret and anxiety about procrastinating the tasks. 

Remember that responsible time management requires you to place the important tasks on priority and create a sense of urgency to complete the important ones first but this is different from procrastination where you want to avoid the tasks as they are connected with negative emotions or stress. 

Yes, one avoids the tasks when these are connected with the fear of failure, insecurity, incompetence, or threat. When your mind senses such kinds of emotions attached to a task, then, you start to procrastinate the task. But when you keep avoiding it for a long time, the depression and regret that you receive by delaying the tasks is far more painful than the stress of doing the task itself. 

In this article, you will get the core of why you keep procrastinating on tasks and how to avoid it. So, if you are a procrastinator who is habitual of delaying tasks then, you must read this article, and sorry if this article hurts your sentiments. 

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Understand the reasons that force you to procrastinate on the tasks:

Failure, Insecurity and Incompetence 

Sometimes, we delay the task as we believe that the task could lead us to failure and this sense of failure doesn’t let us start the task. Also, when the task is connected with our incompetence and insecurity or you believe that problems are going to occur, no matter what, you keep on delaying the tasks. This is where the cycle of procrastination starts. 

There would be some tasks that you have procrastinated on only because these tasks will lead to a heap of problems, insecurity, and failure. 

Low self-esteem and inexpertise in controlling emotions 

Procrastination could also happen when you have low-esteem problems and lack of expertise in controlling your emotions. Yes, when we have doubts about performing well on the tasks, then we often get into the cycle of procrastination.  Many employees experience this and often feel demotivated to proceed to other companies due to their fear of interviews. 

Also, those who fail to control their emotions will find it hard to complete their tasks on time. 

No more procrastination with these tips:

International students must practice these tips in order to avoid procrastination with these pointers. 

Understand the reason 

When you are delaying a task for a long time, then, just get a notebook and a pen, and start writing the reason what you don’t like about the task. Understanding the real reason behind the task will help you identify the fears and help you overcome them. A better understanding of the problems will give you a perfect solution for that. 

Love to grow 

Develop a liking for growing. Every challenge that comes your way is there to help you grow. Seek challenges and grow, and this will surely help you develop an incredible personality. 

No sugar 

Reward yourself but avoid sugary treats as this can make you feel zapped and tired for no reason, eventually, depriving you of enough energy to do your tasks. 

What makes you confident? 

You can also turn to the things that make you feel confident and help you accomplish the tasks. Wearing good outfits, and make-up, or standing alone could help you feel confident. 

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Use these ways to bring a stop to your problem of procrastination on the tasks. As an international student, it is important for you to overcome this problem if you want to use your opportunity to travel abroad to the best. 

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