That’s How Customers Want You to Mail Online Products

Mailer Boxes

Currently, a vast majority of customers prefer online shopping. Their busy routines make them buy online products. But, regardless of the increasing demand for online shopping, many people hesitate to buy from certain brands. They just find the most trustable brands and buy from them again and again. The reason for that is that they don’t trust many online brands because they don’t deliver what they show. Even if they deliver original products, customers get disappointed if they receive those products in damaged forms. Therefore, they have certain expectations from online brands, and the most important is safe product delivery. Other than that, you can double their happiness by delivering products in eye-catchy boxes.

Safe Delivery

The products are usually expensive and need to be delivered safely. If your products get damaged during delivery, it will disappoint both you as well as your customers. Therefore, it is good to get durable mailer packaging boxes of strong cardboard materials to ensure safe product delivery.

Many online brands get Wholesale Mailer Boxes of durable materials for product delivery. The corrugated mailer packaging boxes are most suitable. You can get these boxes in custom shapes and sizes to perfectly fit your products for delivery. The strong walls of cardboard boxes protect products against damage.

A major cause of product damage is the pressure or collision of products. You can prevent this by getting custom boxes with inserts or partitions that will hold your products in a specific position. This way, you can satisfy your customers with safe delivery.

Mailer Boxes

Good Presentation

Customers feel much more excited when they buy online products. They keep thinking about when will they get the products or how will they get the order at their doorstep. You can surprise them by presenting products in eye-catchy boxes. You can design these boxes with custom prints, colors, and shapes. You can print a wishful note on the inside of these boxes to bring a smile to customers’ faces. Furthermore, the vibrant color and unique shape of wholesale mailer boxes should also be different if you are getting these boxes.


Colors play a major role in attracting or discouraging target customers. In the case of online shopping safe product delivery is compulsory. But if you mail products in adorable boxes, that thing is going to stick in customers’ minds. They will love your effort and prefer to buy from you again. This is especially the case if you are delivering gift boxes. Gift mailer boxes need to be attractive and unique. People who buy online gifts for their dear ones will love the gift-worthy packaging of your products. You can select a soothing color scheme for mailer packaging to impress customers. Moreover, customers will remember your brand via the color of the mailer packaging boxes.

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You can print images, graphics, animations, or drawings on the mailer packaging boxes to satisfy customers. They will love the visual elements if they are printed perfectly. Furthermore, you can use product-relevant graphics to design wholesale mailer packaging boxes. If your target customers are children, you can print animations or cartoon characters. In the case of cosmetic lovers, the prints will be different. However, if you have to mail files, you can get professional mailer packaging boxes. You can also print happy Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Easter to join people’s celebrations. All these factors will make customers remember the way you present your products.

Do customers really want your brand name or logo on the packaging?

The answer to that question is simple and that is yes. People are very brand conscious nowadays and they buy products from recognized brands only. Furthermore, when they buy online products, they love to post unboxing videos to tell about your brand. Therefore, you should print a brand name or logo on the wholesale mailer boxes. Other than brand recognition, it will let customers ensure that they are buying from the official brand.

Mailer Boxes

Eco-Friendly Packaging

The increasing pollution is making customers demand eco-friendly packaging. Customers are now becoming more sensible therefore they prefer eco-friendly brands over others. Eco-friendly wholesale mailer boxes are suitable for makeup products, cosmetics, toys, electronics, and even food items. Thus, you should also get these recyclable boxes of paper materials that are easy to recycle. The most surprising feature of these boxes is that they naturally decompose and become a part of the soil. On the other hand, plastic is the major enemy of the environment because it doesn’t decompose for thousands of years.


Two factors that influence customers’ online purchases are product delivery and presentation. Customers will not buy from you if you deliver or mail products in cheap quality boxes. Moreover, the elegant product presentation will make customers remember your brand. You can make memorable mailer packaging using unique shapes of boxes. Other than that, custom designing of mailer packaging using colors and prints will make eye-catchy boxes. You can deliver the products in Double Custom Boxes packaging. For example, primary packaging will be the original product packaging and secondary will be mailer packaging. This will also make your packaging boxes more efficient. Lastly, eco-friendly boxes are best to choose from in the current increasing pollution.

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