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An innovative online national retailer and distributor of high-performance aftermarket auto parts and accessories, Jegs Auto Parts has acquired a majority position in funds managed by Greenbriar Equity Partners, a leading middle market private equity firm, it was revealed today.
For Jegs Auto Parts, the investment is a first of its kind. It will be used to advance the company’s technological and logistical capabilities as well as to support its ongoing product and market expansion. Jegs Auto Parts is the eighth platform investment made by Greenbriar in the last twelve months.
In 1960, Jegs Auto Parts opened a tiny performance store. Since then, it has grown to become a large online retailer and distributor of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories. Near Columbus, Ohio, JEGS is a sizable online merchant that sells goods to those who love cars. Over two million product SKUs from more than 800 vendors are available on its website and in its cutting-edge fulfilment facility.

Ways to Cut Costs

Costs are steadily increasing as the internet shopping industry expands. Consumers today are constantly searching for ways to save money while still completing their shopping lists. You can now maximise the value of your purchases from this shop, though, with a little effort on your part. When it comes to this manufacturer’s items, our website provides the lowest pricing available. Consequently, you are able to indulge in all of your desires.

Best Coupon Codes and Deals

We have displayed the top deals offered by this online store over the entire year. Working with us could result in considerable financial savings for you. Get excited with this Jegs discount code retailer’s outstanding offerings. Our top concern is ensuring that you stay within your allocated budget without compromising on quality. For this reason, we shall list all of the discounts this business offers.

Growth Partner with a Future-Planning Approach for the Business

The Coughlin Family, who over three generations have grown the business. Finding a growth partner who shares our values and has a strategy for the company’s future was a high priority because our family has been running Jegs Auto Parts for more than 60 years. We think Greenbriar is that partner, and together with them, we intend to keep holding a significant stake in the company. The Coughlin family will continue to control a portion of Greenbriar.

Concentrate on Improving Our Customers

The Jegs Auto Parts President commented on the firm’s future confidence. The entire JEGS team has never been more enthusiastic about the possibilities that lie ahead, and we look forward to working with Greenbriar and their wide network of industry experts as we concentrate on improving the online experience for our customers, bringing new products and services online, and extending our reach through organic and M&A-led growth.

Benefits of Online Shopping’s Increasing Role

We’re thrilled to be Jegs Auto Parts’ first institutional partner since they are well-positioned to profit from the growing influence of online shopping in the automotive aftermarket as a well-known brand in the performance enthusiast market. We are determined to preserving the unique culture that the Coughlin family has created, which is built on devoted employees with in-depth technical knowledge.

Fiscal Guidance

Stifel Financial Corp. was the only source of financial counsel for JEGS, while Ice Miller LLP. provided legal counsel. Legal counsel for Greenbriar was provided by Hughes Hubbard and Reed LLP. This agreement was completed in the winter of 2021. Not all of the agreement’s conditions were disclosed to the public.

High-Performance Auto Accessories and Parts

A significant participant in the retail and distribution of high-performance vehicle parts and accessories in the United States, Jegs Auto Parts was established in 1960 and has its corporate headquarters in Delaware, Ohio. Through its website and distribution centres, the company’s committed customers can buy products and services from it.

Offer Flexible and High-Quality Services

A national online auto parts business named Jegs Auto Parts was looking for a quicker, easier way to improve their web content. Maker, which has more than a million active SKUS, enabled the JEGS marketing team to produce flexible, excellent content for eBay and all other sales channels. Jegs can create top-notch marketing content with Maker for a fraction of the price of conventional development and agency expenses and experience an average 90% boost in income.

Carries Online More Than A Million Products

Jegs Auto Parts supplies over a million products online, therefore enhancing their most crucial pages with worthwhile information wasn’t a simple task. Additionally, prior to working with Maker, Jegs’ small number of media-rich pages weren’t responsive, preventing users of tablets and mobile devices from seeing the site’s superior, value-added content.

Boost Conversion and Engagement Rates

Because Maker’s platform enabled for the generation of more complex and responsive content without the typical costs associated with development or outside agencies, CEO Jeff Hennion saw the potential in it. By adding dynamic, flexible content to key pages of the Jegs Auto Parts website, you may increase their value. With the use of Maker’s pre-made templates and Google Analytics connection, increase engagement and conversion rates.

Product Page and Landing Page Efforts

Jegs Auto Parts initially focused its efforts on the content of its landing pages and product pages. When Maker began collaborating with the JEGS marketing team, it took them less than a month to get him up and running. In the first week, Jegs used Maker to launch two iterations of their landing page.

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Build and Post New Product Pages

In the two months that followed, a total of 30 pages of premium content, including media-rich and responsive content for important product pages and landing pages, were published to Jegs Auto Parts’ e-commerce website and eBay shop. Over the course of the next four months, JEGS created and published over 150 additional product pages for their website using Maker’s straightforward templates.

Benefit From the Year’s Best Prices

Get ready to benefit from the year’s lowest pricing. Even on a tight budget, it is possible to purchase the goods you require. We have listed all of the most current Jegs Auto Parts discounts for the benefit of our devoted consumers so they can shop wisely and save money. Customers may now save a tonne of money at the most popular vehicle retailer with hardly any effort.

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