Trousers that suit every men with grace

Trousers that suit every men with grace

It is a very common conception that men’s fashion is limited to shirts and denim jeans but with changing trends more options have arrived for men. Even not just individuals but during the process of textile sourcing brands and fabric manufacturers are also considering the trends in men’s fashion for their collection. Fashion trends for men does not just include variety in shirts and suits but also a grand variety of trousers. These trousers come with unique patterns in different textiles and shapes that go well with everyone for every kind occasion. 

Today we will talk about various types of trousers that you can wear to go to any event.


Not limited to Instagram influencers, athleisure is a chic and relaxed take on the athleisure trend. Slim-fit joggers are a great compromise between sweatpants and dress pants, allowing you to lounge about in comfort without looking like a slob. Wearing a longline sweater or T-shirt with this look will give you the chillest vibe ever. Put on a dress shirt for the workplace and some white shoes for days when you want to seem sharp. Feel the praises pour in as you sit back in pure contentment.

Cropped trousers

Are you the one who feels like never getting enough air on ankles or want to show off your cute pair of shocks? Then you should wear cropped trousers. This technique is a simple way to inject some flair into a formal ensemble. Wear them rolled up or just above the ankle for a simple way to spice up your outfit. Again, its adaptability means you may wear them with a wide variety of outfits. Wearing just a T-shirt and leather jacket gives off an immediate biker vibe. In contrast, if you want to project an image that’s appropriate for the workplace, you should wear a button-down shirt or roll-neck sweater with a jacket.

Cargo pants

Cargo pants are returned in a sleek and fashionable manner, so they’re no longer out of style. If you’re trying to avoid looking like a fisherman, choose a pair that doesn’t have big pockets on the sides but has a tapered leg instead. Choose dark colours to make them work with the rest of your ensemble, or go with neutral colours like camel or sand for a timeless look. Select a piece of pink or red clothing that is enormous with plenty of pockets if you want to unleash your inner Kanye. You can’t go wrong pairing this cut with your favourite sweater, sweatshirt, or button-down shirt.

High waist bottom for men

A pair of these timeless pants could be lurking in your grandpa’s wardrobe if you look hard enough. This style, which has a high waist and a timeless silhouette, may be worn in a few different ways. This classic cut may be updated with today’s roll necks, crew neck shirts, and semi-formal blazers. If you want to turn heads everywhere you go, channel your inner Marlon Brando and wear nothing but a basic grey or white T-shirt, dress shoes, and a grin. Make sure the length hits at or below the ankle. You’ll end up looking like you wedged yourself if you don’t.

Pleated trousers 

To continue in the tradition of traditional clothing, pleated trousers are a useful and long-lasting addition to any wardrobe. This classic accessory is a must-have for every dapper gentleman’s wardrobe because of the dramatic impact it can have on an ensemble. Wearing this look with a Cuban collar shirt, a white T-shirt, or a traditional button-down with the sleeves rolled up can really amp up the style. The ideal shoes to pair with this outfit are either sneakers or dress shoes, and you can finish off the look with a lightweight jacket.

Tracksuit trousers 

Although Karl Lagerfeld may have suggested otherwise, track pants are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. Sweatpants are the ultimate clothing item, since they are both practical and stylish. This design may be worn with sports gear for a classic athletic approach, or you can break the rules by pairing it with a button-down and sneaks for a more polished look. The days of wearing plain exercise clothes are over; today’s high-end options will have you looking like a million bucks.

Bottom line 

These are just the limited types of trousers that we have discussed in today’s blog. Cargo pants and tracksuit trousers are very old concepts but new trends made it worthy to wear again. If you are a fashion designer or boutique holder that is interested in adding these in your collection then fabriclore is got you for textile sourcing. Here you can get the best textile option for any kind of designer collection. Further, with our easy customization option you can modify your fabric as per your choice. 

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