Which Type Of Cloth Is Best For Cleaning Car?

Which Type Of Cloth Is Best For Cleaning Car?

Effective car cleaning is about purchasing the right car cleaning products and choosing the right car cleaning cloth with extraordinary absorbing qualities. Just as you provide special attention in selecting the car’s similar detailing products, you need to be conscious of the car detailing towel you would use while washing your favourite car. Here is an unbiased recommendation on which type of cloth is best for cleaning car.

Most car owner relies on microfiber towels as they have an exceptional absorbing ability to attract dust particles, dirt, and liquid. Moreover, using regular car cleaning products like cotton towels which tend to lint, inherits the risk of leaving stains on the car’s surface, making it look unattractive. Cotton cloths also tend to leave dirt on the surface of the car’s exterior.

Therefore if you want that ultimate shine of your car’s paint and effective detailing, the best towel for car during detailing is undoubtedly microfiber towels. Several manufacturers make these towels in a specific way to go gentle on the car’s expensive paint so that they leave no scratches. However, these microfiber clothes also come in various types, which are explained below. Each of these types retains its individual benefits.

What Are Microfiber Towels?

These towels are made of synthetic materials created out of split fibers, the texture of which is extremely thin. This retains the best absorbent quality inside them, removing all the dirt, dust, grease, and oil from the car’s surface, giving it a fresh and glossy look. Due to their absorbing capacity, they are also used as a good drying material after a car wash.

Which Type Of Cloth Is Best For Cleaning Car?

It is quite clear that the best towel for cleaning is undoubtedly microfiber cloth, here are some varieties that you can look at.

Towels For Detailing:

These towels are meant for use on highly polished paint. The product’s lightweight ranges from 400 to 500 grams per square meter, and it is edgeless. However, this doesn’t mean they are laser cut, as they might be hard on the car pint and leave minor scratches that are easily avoidable.  

Towels For Drying:

Microfiber towels for drying also come in a lot of varieties, including twisted loop, waffle weave, chamois, and many more. Among these, chamois are only sometimes recommended by experts despite the fact that they absorb liquid quickly. 

This is because they don’t come with room for error; in case they catch a stray grain of sand inside, it will lead to swirls on the car’s exterior. Twisted loop and waffle weave offer better service than chamois and are most effective for detailing purposes.

Towels for Glass Surfaces:

They are similar to waffle weave towels but are more effective in cleaning. They do not tend to leave steaks in spite of the fact that they don’t possess a soft texture. Therefore they are best for glass surfaces of the car such as the windshield or windows and help them to emit a healthy shine.

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Benefits of Using Microfiber Cloth:

It Absorbs Dirt And Grease:

Microfiber towels effectively remove all the remaining dust particles or dirt along with the excess water after car detailing. As microfiber cloth materials are positively charged, they naturally attract the particles that are negatively charged, including grease and dirt.

Removes Water Efficiently:

The top reason to use microfiber cloth is that they offer the best affectivity in water absorption compared to regular cotton cloths. Not only does the cloth have the ability to absorb seven times its original weight, but also it has a surface area that is four times larger than a cotton towel. Therefore for a car owner, it will take lesser effort to dry the car thoroughly.


Every car owner looks for products that are cost-effective and durable. Microfiber cloth also offers the utmost durability compared to other wiping materials that tend to wear out quickly or lint. Therefore once purchased, they need no replacement for quite a long time which relaxes the car owner.

Provides The Car With A Pristine Appearance:

While all other clothes run the risk of leaving scratches on the car’s polished surface, microfiber cloths ensure that the car retains a brand-new look without any watermarks, streaks, or blemishes. It makes the overall look much more sophisticated and attractive. Investing in a microfiber cloth will never make you regret your decision and offer you crazy returns in the long run.

Final Thoughts:

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