Who was the First Jedi to have a Double Bladed Lightsaber?

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A weapon of surprise and success! Darth Maul used this specific saber in a series of combat. An excellent example is the encounter between Darth Maul and the Jedi Master Jinn and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi. Nevertheless, the design of Darth Maul’s saber did not start with him, although he crafted the creation of his saber due to his admiration of the Sith’s villainous victories.

During Darth Maul’s millennia, the double bladed lightsaber wasn’t an ordinary weapon for the Jedi squad. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean they did not know what it was. Why? The origin of a double-blade saber goes back thousands of years before Maul’s time.

Origin of the Double-Bladed Lightsaber

All lightsabers used by Jedi or Sith commonly were of a single-blade design. However, it is notable that during the Great Sith War, the ex-Jedi Knight Exar Kun designed double blades from two single-blade lightsabers using instructions from the Sith Holocron. The result was a two-blade design emitting from opposite sides. This specific double blade enabled him to rise high as a dark Sith lord. Exar Kun used this blade in combat many times until he was defeated. Nevertheless, the model of a double-blade saber remained the same.

The double-bladed lightsaber predominantly became a Sith weapon. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean it wasn’t present amongst the Jedi. For instance, master Jaro Tapal had mastery of a blue double-blade saber. Additionally, all Jedi temple guards utilize the double-blade saber. After all the Jedi temple guards died, the Jedi didn’t mind much about the double-blade weapon, which fell into minimal use.

Re-Emergence of the Double Blade as a Darth Maul Lightsaber

As a warrior, Darth Maul knew he couldn’t compete with success using a single-blade lightsaber. He noticed this after combat with the Jedi, Siolo Ur Manka, who disarmed and physically wounded his face. Being proactive, Maul strategically began looking for a better alternative to equip him for combat better. Using the Sith schematics and meditating for four days, Darth Maul finally got his prime weapon: the flashing red double-blade saber, which became the Darth Maul lightsaber.

With this specific saber, Darth Maul combated with the Jedi master Jinn and his apprentice Obi-wan Kenobi. The latter dissected the double-blade saber after Maul had seriously wounded Jinn. Afterward, Kenobi managed to do away with Maul, and his saber was believed to have fallen into oblivion.

The Double-Blade Lightsaber During the Jedi New Order

The Jedi, in particular, didn’t like using double-blade sabers in combat. It needed professionalism to emerge as a winner while using it. However, after Darth Maul, Luke Skywalker recommended this lightsaber to his students.

What Entailed a Double-Blade Lightsaber?

Originally a Sith invention, a double blade consisted of two blades in opposite directions, with the hilt positioned at the center. Depending on the user, there are various ways to hold the double blade, either horizontally or diagonally.

The double-bladed lightsaber had other names, including Dualsaber, Saberstaff, and Light staff. At times it is referred to as the Sith lightsabers due to its common use among them.

The original Exar Kun’s lightsaber featured two standard single sabers conjoined at the hilts. Later designs, however, had an alteration depicting two opposite blades with an enlarged hilt.

Advantages of Using a Double-Blade Saber

A double-blade lightsaber means that the combatant had a faster attack rate. In the battle at Naboo, Darth Maul took the Jedi by surprise using the double blade. He was even able to overpower the Jedi Master Jinn.

A double-blade saber is an awesome weapon for defense. The energy is deflected as the saber clashes with the other one. Hence it is an advantage to have two blades to use.

A double-blade saber allows room to play with the opponent’s psychology; how? The opponent would be busy tracking the movement of each blade. It can lead to confusion. We can see why the Siths felt that using a double-bladed lightsaber would be an added advantage.

Embracing the Darth Maul lightsaber

Today star wars addicts can identify with Maul’s identity and personality by investing in double-bladed lightsabers. It can be the perfect way to:

  • Learn specific tactics such as spinning. It is not easy spinning it over your shoulders and around; practicing can make you an excellent double-blade user.

Modern designs of Darth maul’s saber consist of the following:

  • Two opposite blade
  • A large hilt

Many online stores have customized categories, including collections such as Darth Maul force fx lightsaber. The length of the double-blade saber can vary depending on the user.

  • Neopixel blades have a bright illumination since they use the LED strip inside the blades. The light contributes to an epic performance. Additionally, neopixel allows for color variations according to the user’s taste
  • . Moreover, users can customize audio effects to fit individual personalities.

Finding the best destination to purchase Star Wars Darth Maul lightsaber can guarantee an excellent prop weapon for cosplay and dueling. Before purchasing, you can do the following:

  • Ensure you check the power options:  This is extremely important since you need two blades to be completely effective. If one blade fails, your weapon is ruined, and so is your performance. Today’s categories include rechargeable batteries with efficient power storage systems.
  • Ensure you have the right lengths: A double-bladed lightsaber requires skills and professionalism in handling it. That’s why it is important to select the perfect size for you. Depending on your height, you will get variations in length, such as 72cm, 82cm, or 92cm.
  • Utilize the aesthetic design of the saber: Most sabers available in stores allow for customizations. It may include the creation of the hilt and audio/sound effects. As there are many ideas to use, think about aesthetic preferences that suit you. It will enable you to handle a unique weapon just like Darth Maul did.

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